Conflict Management Styles With Strategic Goals Essay

Conflict Management Styles With Strategic Goals Essay

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Conflict exists in every organization and it is evitable, but what anyone would like to have come out of it is a healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. For this assignment, I’ve reviewed “Conflict Competence in the Workplace” written by Craig E. Runde, 2014, Employement Relations Today, pages 25-31, he discusses a plethora of critical key points that well explain conflict, the importance of developing competent authoritative figures, the positive and negative benefits of effective managing, and the different skills needed to become competent and getting the best aspects out of conflict, instead of getting all negative effects.
Normally when faced with conflict, most try to ignore it and hope it goes away. They do not realize the value and the benefits that dealing with it in an effective way using conflict management styles with strategic goals set out by the company can have. The article understands that leaders are not always aware that the main challenge that they have when trying to achieve a strategic goal is poorly managed conflict. That is why conflict competence is the main focus of the article. When a leader is properly trained and developed in managing conflicts successfully and have great conflict management skills, they are conflict competent and yield a much better outcome in respect to improving relationships and addressing those conflicts that are inevitable.
The conflict competence model provide is a great tool that further enriches the subject matter. It shows how an individual can work on their own individual conflict competence, which will in turn make them more apt to handling it better when in a position of leadership. To do this you have to have the cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills to be able to ...

... middle of paper ... article is informative and could be used to train leaders to become more effective and a role model for those who want to succeed. Using the conflict competence model to show others how to cool down, slow down and reflect will in return have them engaging constructively by using techniques like good listening and speaking, developing and vetting creative solutions and implementing them rightfully.
The article is also spot on about the behavioral aspect and how negative emotions drive us to react in destructive ways. When you are aware on “what makes you tick” you can work on it and try to use a technique to change the way you may see it. If an organization can develop and effectively reinforce this then I see success in their future. Conflict competence is a great tool anyone can use to turn the inevitable conflict into something positive and something of value.

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