Conflict Induced Internal Displacement & The Shifting Gender Dynamics Essay

Conflict Induced Internal Displacement & The Shifting Gender Dynamics Essay

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Internal displacement is an issue that affects regions around the world. Countries
ravaged by civil wars, government oppression, human rights abuse or other internal conflicts
produce the mass displacement of persons (referred to as IDPs) to other parts of the
country seeking refuge (Knox and Marston,108-109, 2010). Within the context of Colombia this
paper will first explore the economic challenges that IDPs must face and discuss how these
challenges effect displaced women. It will then discuss how the gendered division of labor in
the household impacts these geographies of displacement. Lastly, it will examine the link
between the urban environment, and shifting gender dynamics within the context of internal
Colombia provides a good case study from which to examine the issue of internal
displacement, because Latin America is the world region with the second most severe IDP
situations, Africa being number one (Knox and Marston,108-109, 2010). Colombia in particular
has a dramatically high number of IDPs, accounting for up to 8.6% of Colombia’s total
population (Carrillo,529, 2009). The capital city of Bogotá has the largest population of IDPs in
the country, approximated to be 244,184 (Carrillo,530, 2009).These high numbers are a result
of the Guerrillas and paramilitaries targeting rural civilians by way of “arbitrary killings, looting,
and destruction of property” in order to take control of their land for economic and political
benefit and in order to possess strategic territory (Knox and Marston,108-109, 2010). The
civilians being targeted usually move from their homes in these war stricken rural areas to
urban areas elsewhere in the country (usually determined by geograph...

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