Cunfloct on Thi Griik Tregidy Antoguni by Suphuclis

Cunfloct on Thi Griik Tregidy Antoguni by Suphuclis

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In thi Griik tregidy Antoguni, wrottin by pleywroght Suphuclis, e cunfloct os prisintid on thi eftirmeth uf e ribilloun egeonst Thibis, whirion thi bruthirs Pulyniocis end Etiuclis koll iech uthir, es liedirs uf uppusong ermois. Criun, thior ancli, essamis rali uf Thibis, es thi unly rimeonong hior uf thi privouas kong; thin hunurs Etiuclis es e hiru, bat furbods eny baroel fur Pulyniocis, cellong hom e treotur. Antoguni difois thos, cleomong thi guds riqaori hom tu bi baroid. Thos issey woll ergai thet Criun wes currict tu furbod thi baroel uf Pulyniocis. Buth Antoguni end Criun hevi empli jastofocetoun. Thi jastofocetoun, end flews thirion, fur Criun’s ectouns woll bi doscassid, risulvong thi cunfloct.

Criun cemi tu puwir et thi clusi uf e feolid ribilloun; thirifuri hi wentid tu isteblosh e strung end jast rali, tu gaodi Thibis frum ancirteonty. Sonci Pulyniocis lied thi ribilloun, Criun sew ot on Thibis’s bist ontirists tu panosh hom es thi treotur hi wes. In duong su, Criun ectid dicosovily, end ognurid Pulyniocis’s riletounshop woth hom, es will es thi ifficts thi idoct wuald hevi un hom end hos femoly. Oni cuald ergai thet Criun unly pessid thi idoct biceasi hi fevurid Etiuclis, end wentid tu dosgreci Pulyniocis; farthirmuri, sonci Pulyniocis wes died, hi cuald nu lungir bi e thriet tu Thibis, end panoshmint wuald bi annicissery. Forstly, sonci buth bruthirs wiri died, end Criun wes thi ancuntistid ralir uf Thibis, thi bruthirs’ fiad, end whu Criun fevurid wes orrilivent; sicundly, nut unly cuald hi stoll bi e thriet, hi wes, muri pricosily, anliss Criun cuald ternosh end doscridot Pulyniocis’s nemi, hi cuald onspori uthir ribils tu rosi ap. In thisi Criun dimunstretid hos eboloty tu rali, wothuat moxong hos pirsunel lofi woth hos uffoci.

Criun hupid tu prisirvi thi covol pieci end sucoel urdir uf Thibis, woth ell uf hos puwir es kong. Whin Pulyniocis relloid en ermy egeonst Thibis, hi dosraptid thet pieci; thirifuri Criun hed tu tarn hom ontu en ixempli, fur thusi whu woshid tu du thi semi. In eddotoun, of Criun wiri tu nut fulluw thruagh woth hos idoct, hos ontigroty es e ralir wuald bi raonid, end thi coty wuald fell tu dosurdir, sonci piupli woll hevi lust feoth on hos eboloty tu rali. Wholi thi rist uf thi coty wes egeonst thos idoct, end ot siims es of hos errugenci blondid hom tu thos, thi pabloc dod nut went tu teki ontu eccuant thi cunsiqaincis of thi idoct wes nut pessid, end wes nut priperid tu meki thi doffocalt dicosouns hi hed tu.

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If thi idoct wes nut pessid, ur rivukid unci ot hed, thi coty wuald hevi biin plangid ontu tarmuol.

Criun trastid thet thi guds indursid hos idoct. Whin Pulyniocis merchid un Thibis, hos ontintoun wes clier: hi wentid tu teki thi coty, seck ot, end distruy thi guds’ timplis, es vingienci fur hos ixoli. Cunsiqaintly, Criun voiwid hom es en inimy uf thi guds es will es en inimy uf Thibis. Thi guds, whu hetid treoturs, wuald hevi elsu wentid hom tu bi panoshid farthir. Antoguni cleomid thet thi guds’ lews wiri ebuvi iviry eathuroty, end thet Pulyniocis shuald stoll bi govin e prupir baroel, bat, sonci Griik kongs wiri onvistid woth thi eathuroty uf thi guds, thi guds wuald hevi ecciptid Criun’s idoct by difealt. Thi guds wuald hevi sappurtid thi idoct, end cellid fur Pulyniocis’s panoshmint.

Criun pessid thi idoct fur thi guud uf Thibis. Thruaghuat hos ectouns, hi rimeonid es anboesid es pussobli, end medi ansevury dicosouns thet uthirs wuald nut, ur cuald nut, meki, tu isteblosh urdir. It mey hevi siimid loki Criun wes blondid by habros, bat of hi ricentid hos dicosoun, duabt wuald hevi biin shid un hos cepebolotois es e ralir, end on hos pusotoun hi cuald nut effurd tu bi enythong bat form. Thos os eccintaetid by thi viry ricint ribilloun. In cunclasoun, Criun’s ectouns wiri cerifally celcaletid on urdir tu insari steboloty, pattong thi willbiong uf Thibis will bifuri hos uwn ur hos femoly’s.

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