Essay about Conflict for a Religious Homeland: The Partition of Israel/ Palestine

Essay about Conflict for a Religious Homeland: The Partition of Israel/ Palestine

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The conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine was a significant problem for Britain because of the agreement made to both peoples before 1920. Britain assured both groups that the territory of Jerusalem would be given to them and that they would have a choice in their government. The promises conflicted with each other so Britain decided on enabling the United Nations to determine the territorial future of the two ethnicities, thus creating the UN Partition Plan. The UN Partition Plan would ultimately cause more conflict than intended; this can be exemplified by the immediate choice for the Arabs to initiate a jihad and the population resettlement of the Palestinians. Therefore, the partition of Israel and Palestine caused significant population resettlement, which ultimately is a component of 20th century decolonization because it initiated the movement to undo colonialism.
The roots of the idea to create a Jewish state can be dated back to the anti-Semitic acts of the 1900’s, such as the Dreyfus scandal. These situations were used to explain the necessity to create a Jewish state by insurgents such as Herzl and Pinsker. These attempts were successful enough to enable Britain to promise for future Jewish territory in Palestine. The combination of these attempts helped create Zionism, which is “the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel ("Zionism: A Definition of Zionism.").” Also to mention, the Jews experienced an attempt of genocide, the Holocaust, before the partition which caused Britain and other UN nations to feel sympathy towards the Jews. As Jewish opposition increased in Palestine different forms of resistance also increa...

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