Essay about Conflict Between People And Groups

Essay about Conflict Between People And Groups

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Conflict between one or more individuals is defined as a struggle for power or property. It can also be explained as a strong disagreement between people or groups. Simply put, it can be a difference that prevents agreement. ( According to Stojkovic et. al., conflict is a process in which two or more individuals in an organization interact in a way as to produce "conflict episodes" that may or may not lead to hostile behaviors. Conflict to me personally means disagreements between individuals or groups. It also equates to situations which, if left unchecked, will lead to a breakdown in communication and the ability to work together over time. In law enforcement, if people cannot work through a conflict when it arises then the mission of protecting the general public cannot be met successfully.
Stages of Conflict
In the beginning of a work relationship people most likely have some ability to work together in order to meet organizational goals. Within a work center everyone more or less understands how another person operates. This leads to teamwork and personnel moving in the same direction i.e. goal accomplishment. Just the same, right underneath the surface, the potential for conflict exists.
Latent Conflict
Latent conflict is the first stage of conflict where issues or differences may exist between individuals. However, these differences are not large enough to cause onesie or the other to take action to change things. Things such as competition for resources, different interests and values all have the potential to ignite a conflict if the right trigger presents itself. With any luck, the causes of potential conflict will never actually lead to a conflict. But when it does occur, the next phase of t...

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Conflict is a struggle of sorts between individuals, teams or even entire work centers around the world. If you put people together for a period of time and expect them to work together, conflict will inevitably arise. There are certain stages a conflict goes through and behaviors during each one will dictate how long it takes to move from one to another. Additionally, good people skills on the part of a supervisor are absolutely necessary. When it comes to interpersonal concerns, a police department or other law enforcement entity is just the same as any other organization when it comes to conflicts. In cases where a supervisor cannot handle an issue on his or her own, they need to know when to escalate the concern or matter to their supervisor for assistance. While ideal, not all issues can be taken on a successfully worked through by an immediate supervisor.

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