The Conflict Between Parents And Their Children Essay

The Conflict Between Parents And Their Children Essay

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Hamlet portrays the conflicts between parents and their children. In the play, the insecurities and fears of both parties are expressed through their words and actions that impact the course of their lives. The most notorious relationship in the play is between Hamlet and king Claudius, his step-dad. Their witty remarks and implicit disapproval of each other establishes a pseudo relationship that eventually leads to the struggle for survival.
Hamlet is ordered to avenge the death of his father after Claudius poisoned him while he slept (3.4.28). The young prince delays with his plan in order to make sure Claudius is truly guilty of the crime. Hamlet finds himself in a dilemma, which causes him to go mad. “He promises to avenge his father 's murder and begins behaving strangely. To others, who do not know the truth, the young Hamlet appears to have gone mad. By pretending to be insane” (“Overview: Hamlet”). He’s stuck between being noble and forgiving a great wrong, or completing his task and be equally guilty for murder. It’s a hard decision Hamlet has to make. Throughout the play, his madness and ambition seem to have boundaries when he perceives the essence of his scheme from a religious perspective. In the scene after Hamlet conducts the play about murder to “catch the conscious of the king” (2.2.560), Claudius gets up from his seat and leaves the room. This is enough evidence to establish his guilt, and Hamlet follows him. He draws his sword to kill him, but comes across something unexpected. Hamlet aborts his revenge when he sees Claudius on his knees praying. Hamlet refuses to go for the kill because he is afraid Claudius’s soul will go to heaven. He realizes that by killing Claudius, he’ll be rewarding him, and that not w...

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...amlet who considered ethical and an innocent young man, Gertrude is described as traitor, wicked woman, and an adulterate. Her lust and external pleasures have impacted her family greatly and those she governs over. She is a shallow woman who does not see the consequences of her decisions. Even though she is at the highest level of authority, she seems to lack the most important qualities of a royal ruler: integrity and wisdom. If there is anybody to blame for this tragic play, it would be the queen herself. In the beginning of the play as the ghost and Hamlet speak, the ghost reveals something very evil about the queen. “Aye, that incestuous, that adulterate beast, / With witchcraft of his wit, with traitorous gifts, / O wicked wit and gifts, / that have the power / So to seduce! - won to his shameful lust / The will of my most seeming-virtuous queen:” (1.5.42-46).

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