The Conflict Between Palestinians and Israelis Essay

The Conflict Between Palestinians and Israelis Essay

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One of the best known conflicts in the world is between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The conflict between them has been going on since before 1948, when Israel became a country. Throughout the years there has been conflict over conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Many important issues contribute to the constant conflict between these two countries, and they have yet to find a solution.
One of the major issues between Palestinians and the Israelis is the unresolved issue of Palestinians not having an independent homeland. The Palestinians will continue to resist Israel until they have obtained a land of their own separate from Israel. In 1947, the United Nation proposed a Partition Plan that would separate the land between the Jews and the Arabs. The Arabs turned the United Nation down, even though that would have resulted in them gaining their own land. In return the Jews decided to declare their own independent state, Israel. After declaring its self an independent state a war broke out between Israel and Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Palestinian, and Iraq. During the...

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