The Conflict Between Israel And Hamas Essay

The Conflict Between Israel And Hamas Essay

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The terror group Hamas which is located in the Gaza strip and has been terrorizing the country of Israel for years. The terror group has grown tired of the blockade that Israel has put on Gaza and they use that as a means to terrorize the country. In the summer of 2014 the conflict between Hamas and Israel intensified to a war in the Gaza strip. The first big headline between the two was early this summer when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and later killed by Hamas. Hamas then launched an attack directly on Israel by firing rockets into the country. This sparked Israel to conduct airstrikes and the land invasion of Gaza which led to raids, arrests and even death. With the actions brought on the country they had to resort to going to war against the terror group.
The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been an ongoing feud for some time dating back in years. The most recent conflict between them was in 2008 and 2009 when they again went to war. The conflict was reopened early in this summer of 2014 when Hamas made an attack on Israeli civilians. Three teen seminary students who were on a hiking trip were kidnapped and killed by the terror group Hamas to make a statement to about their unhappiness with the blockade on Gaza that the Israeli government had put in place. These three teenagers we kidnapped on June 12th and their bodies went undiscovered until June 30th. The day this conflict would escalate even higher.
The night these three young students’ bodies were found, June 30th, was the same night that Hamas upped its intensity with Israel by firing rockets into Israeli cities. It was also later found out that Hamas had constructed underground tunnels into Israel to come into cities and terrorize the civilians. In this wo...

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... does not even believe in the existence of their country.
Going back on my information I agreed with and disagreed with from “Kingdom Ethics” can be taken away as Israel was ethically and morally just in going to war. Taking parts of the eight rules of just war and linking them to Israel and their decisions and actions taken when they went to war. Then how even though we should live a nonviolent, Christ-like life it is not acceptable to taken punishment from a bullying terror group. Which for me makes the actions Israel took of raiding, airstriking and even killing morally just. Peacemaking can be done with conflicts within this world, and it can be done without violence. When a terror group is attacking your country the only way to get peace back in your country is to fire right back at them. That is why ethically Israel had the right to go to war against Hamas.

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