Conflict Between Indigenous People And Subsistence Farmers Essay example

Conflict Between Indigenous People And Subsistence Farmers Essay example

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If a developing nation is rioting to get the attention of its government it is most likely due to political, economic, and social tensions. Riots tend to fight for social equality, more benefits and services, or a change in fiscal or monetary policies. Chiapas is a small sovereign state, which is one of the 32 federal entities in Mexico. This story starts in La Reiladad in 1974. From 1974 to today, there has been unsettled peace in the region. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, there has been growing tensions between indigenous people and subsistence farmers. This revolution started in one of the poorest regions in the country, La Reiladad. In La Reiladad, it is statistically proven that one in five kids die from curable diseases, which gives a relatively good representation of the life standards in that city. The revolution started because the ruling party decided to stop giving land to the farmers working on it. The revolution happened on January 1st 1994, the day Mexican officials were celebrating the implementation of NAFTA. In the eyes of officials this treaty was meant to extend tariff-free, cheap labor, strong border-industry to all of Mexico and extend relations with the US. NAFTA held another important role, which is to continue the “liberal” pro-imperialist program of President Salinas, which would drive the country into more corruption. Sadly, to the eyes of the Mexicans, it meant to subordinate them to imperialist capital. In response, a revolution led by the Zapatista Army of National Liberalization (rural indigenous people) demanding cultural, social, and land reforms broke out. This caused for political and social unrest due to a division of power between the Zapatistas and the government rule. The political unrest has cause...

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...her hand, democracy can instigate corruption, cause for distrust, and authorities are not held accountable after elections. In developing nations where education is lacking, elections can be heavily leaning towards an incompatible candid. Democracy allows for authorities to implement policies for economic growth, such as privatizing the market. In many developing nations, this gives access to authorities to funnel some of the money from the economy for their personal needs.
Therefore, it is important to note all factors of government, economy, and society to denote whether a democracy is best fit for a nation or not. It is important to also note that although democracy focuses on growth, in some nations this idea of growth can cause inequality and decrease their development rate. Whether a democracy is beneficial or not, it depends on the nations goals and intentions.

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