Essay about Conflict Between Civilization And The Individual

Essay about Conflict Between Civilization And The Individual

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Freud believed that tension continually exists between civilization and the individual. Civilization curbs the individual from pursuing his or her basic instincts as an animal would pursue. There is an irony here in that humans, in trying to pursue happiness, in building or creating a civilization or society, are actually making themselves unhappy with all the rules and regulations enforced or imposed on them. We are not aware of our repressed feelings unless undergoing psychoanalysis according to Freud. Based on Freud’s belief, society needs to take some responsibility for someone like Manson’s failure to conform. Society, as well as his family, let him down with abuses that Freud would directly blame. Manson’s mother abandoned him, and the state institutions did not protect him or prepare him for society. Humans are capable of mentally damaging other humans as well as their environment. With our capacity for knowledge, we have changed our planet to make our lives easier in terms of food and shelter. In turn, we have also hurt our planet with our inventions in ways that no other species can take responsibility for. Our minds have created the best and the worst on our planet. In terms of biology, as humans, Freud believes our aim is self- preservation through the reality principle. Animals are more biologically rigid in their behavior and determination. It is interesting to note that Darwin, on the other hand, believed that humans are just one species of animal and that our nature is deterministic and responds to the environment. Freud differs in that he distinguishes humans by our ability for knowledge, to think rationally, and to investigate or analyze or psychoanalyze why people do what they do. For example, st...

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...y years, which include being rejected many times, and eventually becoming a ward of the state at the age of twelve. Manson talks about the lack of control in his formative years, which is quite revealing of his intelligence. Could the lack of control early on in life bring on his dominating super controlling behavior later on? If he is so aware of this, could he still be considered insane? He says that his grandmother was controlling and that his grandparents were deeply religious. I think there are many people who can say that about their family members; that is not unusual. The fact that he was an illegitimate child and rejected by his mother was a big pill to swallow, but again, not an excuse. Overall, Charles Manson felt abandoned and detached. In the above quote, when he talks of the rejection he faced, he doubts that anyone could relate to what he experienced.

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