Conflict Between Arabs And Israeli Conflict Essay

Conflict Between Arabs And Israeli Conflict Essay

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The tension between Arabs and Israeli people has been caused by both sides wanting control and power while attempting to prove their superiority over the other. This conflict is a struggle between the Jewish state of Israel and the Arabs of the Middle East. This conflict has included several wars between Israel and certain Arab countries that are opposed to Israel 's existence. The Arab-Israeli tension began prior to the colonization of the British; however the tension grew when the United Kingdom attempted to assisted during World War I. After the war finished the UK left and war broke out between the Arabs and the Jews.

Currently the violence between the Arab and Israeli conflicts has had several outbreak of violence resulting from a more offensive Israeli military has due to a surge in Arabs Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli towns. Israel has announced that they have struck more than 1,000 targets in between 2012 to 2014 (Daily News & Analysis 2014, p.1). However to better understand the conflicts that are resulting today you have to understand the history and developments of the Arab and Israeli conflict.

The Arab-Israeli conflict has continued from ancient times to the modern. In ancient times the area of conflict began as a settlement of Canaanite, and then it was settled by the Philistines (Meyer 1907, p.21). The land that incorporates Israel and the Palestinian territories has been conquered and re-conquered several times throughout history. Starting in the Classical period of 1250 BC, Israelites began to conquer and settle in the land of Canaan which is located near the Gaza strip (BBC 2005, p.1). In 961-922 BC during the reign of King Solomon and the land was divided into two kingdoms; the north and south. Then i...

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...became refugees, resulting with most of them to flee to Jordan or to the Gaza Strip (Vogele 2014 p.3).

The struggle and conflict between the Arab and Israeli states is one of power and ideological beliefs and the refusal to see the other as an equal state, resulting with the fighting for land and to prove there superiority, with neither side willing to budge and with certain Arab countries refusing to recognize the existence of Israel. Form the Pre-British colonialism where European Jews began to develop a desire to live in the Holy Land and the creation of the political movement of Zionism and the conflicts between the Arab and Jews to increase due to the immigration of Jews to Palestinians, and with the Balfour Declaration being seen as the theft of Arab land by the Jew and as soon as the United Kingdom left conflicts between the Arab-Israeli resulting with a war.

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