Conflict Avoidance Is A Technique Used For Deal With Conflict Essay

Conflict Avoidance Is A Technique Used For Deal With Conflict Essay

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Conflict avoidance is a technique used to deal with conflict. Avoiding conflict is mainly used to disregard the direct issue at hand. Avoiding conflict can be used to temporarily get rid of an issue or it can be used to permanently remove the issue. Avoiding conflict within the workplace most often results in relationship division. Workplace conflict is inevitable, meaning wherever and whenever there is a group working to accomplish similar goals as a whole, conflict will be present. Workplace conflict exists due to various factors. (Graham 2014) The most common seen factors influencing workplace conflict include role understanding, meaning who is responsible for what task, how tasks are to be accomplished, personality difference and poor communication.
Workplace friendship is a very important relationship to gain and maintain in order to prevent or avoid conflict. Workplace friendship consist of employee and manager commitment, trust, respect and acknowledging authority. Workplace friendship is involved in a high level of openness, flexibility and inclusiveness. This is seen in many management methods. Workplace friendship has produced fewer situations of stress, it has increased communication with the work environment, assist in an efficient workplace and aid the process and progress of change in the workplace. Although all organization have chosen not to exude workplace friendship, those who do have witnessed a better outcome in good or bad fields. A survey of 50,000 senior managers concluded that over half viewed workplace friendship as an effective way to prevent or avoid workplace conflict.
The avoidance method of conflict in the workplace can also be viewed as positive or negative or be used more commonly or les...

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...hin the workplace are familiar with that it is to be expected out of them. This puts the environment in a mutual frame of consideration and comprehensiveness. Communication also consist of listening. By listening it more easier to figure problems before they actually occur or provide for the needs of employees through active listening.
With more to say, majority of the individuals within a work environment would most workplace conflict while others deserve extensive time and effort to resolve. Knowing when to aplikely like to agree to workplace conflict avoidance. In some situations it is appropriate to avoid propriately use the avoidance methods and the appropriate methods to use for individuals only use to this one method is very important. Effectively comprehending the conflict will enable individuals within the workplace to choose the correct method of resolution.

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