Essay on Conflict Attitudes And Perceptions Of A Conflict

Essay on Conflict Attitudes And Perceptions Of A Conflict

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5.1. Attitude Context
According to the ABC triangle the attitude, behavior and contradiction/situation are three major factors in a conflict. The changed in one of these factors of the conflict affects the other part of the conflict triangle. A conflict has a manifest and a latent sides, the manifest side being identified with behavior, the latent aspect with attitude and contradictions (Galtung, 1996). Accordingly, the contradiction of the conflicting parties is the basic aspect for a conflict then the attitudes and perceptions of these groups will changes and this will manifest through their behavior. The attitude in a conflict is the perception, predisposition and recognition of one party for the other party of the conflict. Once the attitudes are changed, the behavioral changes will ensue.
Therefore, conflict attitudes are regarded as those psychological states (common attitudes, emotions and evaluations as well as patterns of perception and misperception) that frequently accompany and arise from involvement in a situation of a conflict. Conflict attitudes and perceptions are assumed to be factors arising through the stresses of being in a conflict, rather than factors fundamentally causing conflicts, although extreme conflict attitudes involving hostility, and misperceptions and dehumanization of the opposing party will obviously exacerbate any dispute (Mitchell, 1981, p. 27).
1. The Malian Case
The major conflict groups in Mali are the government and the five main Islamists groups in Mali are Ansar Dine, Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao), al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the Signed-in-Blood Battalion and the Islamic Movement for Azawad (IMA) (BBC NEWS AFRICA, 2013).
The problem in Mali is rel...

... middle of paper ...

...ral regime (Peltier 2009). (Raleigh & Down, 2013, p. 8)

6. Conclusion
The ABC model can be very useful in providing possible solutions for preventing the trafficking of girls. In light of this model, prevention can be attained by addressing behaviors through the support of institutions and infrastructure for peace.
The ABC Conflict Triangle helps to understand various aspects of a conflict. The three aspects of the triangle are connected and influencing each other. These components of the triangle are crucial for understanding and resolving the conflict. In this regard, attitudes of the conflicting parties influence their behaviors and contradictions between them, the behaviors of those parties in a conflict also changes the attitudes and contradictions. The contradictions or incompatibility of goals of the conflicting parties affect their attitudes and behaviors.

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