Essay on Conflict And Inter Organizational Conflict

Essay on Conflict And Inter Organizational Conflict

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“While the absence of organizational conflict is often considered a sign of good leadership, it can actually signal that management is out of touch with significant changes in the marketplace” (Frates, 2014). Conflict can occur between anyone and over anything. In many ways conflict can be both healthy and unhealthy. The different types of conflict that will be identified are Intra-organizational conflict and Inter-organizational conflict. By the end of this paper I will have explained conflict management styles, the purpose of conflict resolution strategy, and strategies to reduce cost and legal liabilities.

Describe types of conflict identified in this case.
“Leadership is an essential component of organizational success, and leaders are expected to demonstrate not only the desire to lead others but also to foster organizational innovation, growth, and creativity” (Frates, 2014). After reading conflict resolution at St. Clare Hospital the CEO James Edwards had to find ways to cut cost and improve their revenue. Chief Executive Officer James Edwards had to make tough decisions and the management and staff working under him was happy with his decisions. The types of conflict identified in the case are Intra-organizational conflict and Inter-organizational conflict.
“Conflict is inevitable and can be both positive and negative” (Haraway & Haraway III, 2005). When the CEO has to make changes or improvement conflict will arise because, everyone will not agree with the direction in which he is taking the
hospital. “Financial pressures almost always produce intra-organizational conflicts, such as when an organization is on the verge of laying off employees and individuals are vying to keep their jobs” (Frates, 2014). I belie...

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...aging reading seemed to be a great move. It turned out to be a bad move because the company the COO decided to outsource to was sending inaccurate reading back and the hospital potentially faced legal liabilities. The COO should have met with Dr. Harris to see if they could come up with ways to cut cost and still provide high quality service in his department before seeking alternative to what has been working.
In conclusion “Conflict often acts as a catalyst for much-needed change and can provide an impetus for creative initiatives and solutions” (Haraway &Haraway III, 2005).
Both the CEO and COO should have considered meeting with the medical director and the staff physicians before making the decision to cut such a vital part to the hospital. As a leader he has to make sure he keeps his staff informed of the changes that need to be made and ask for suggestion.

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