Confessions And Confessions False Confession Essay

Confessions And Confessions False Confession Essay

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Under what circumstances may a confession be deemed unconstitutional? Discuss each circumstance you identify
In the court of law, confessions are very important. Not only could it crack a case, but also result in a fair trial as well. The type of confession consist of, but not limited to the following: coerced and compliant false confession (Hritz, Blau and Tomezsko, 2010). Both confessions are different in their own ways and have the ability to affect the overall outcome of a case. Coerced confessions, for example, is when a confession is forced by the law enforcement and force a person to confess for a crime he or she didn’t do with intention to inflict harm (“False and Coerced Confessions,” 2016). A police officer who is involved with a coerced confession will delegate a person to confess for murder only because the victim deserves justice or else. Many of the times, innocent people are convinced through coerced confessions when they are intoxicated, but doesn’t remember the moment they had to encounter the police(“False and Coerced Confessions,” 2016). Coerced confessions have the ability to occur without the person being aware of the situation until it’s too late. In addition to coerced confessions, there’s also compliant false confessions as well, for when a compliant false confession occurs, it means when an innocent person surrenders and admits to a crime they didn’t do only because he or she is stressed out and wants the investigation to be over (Hritz, Blau and Tomezsko, 2010). I feel that the compliant false confession is the least circumstance to occur The idea of confessing to a crime because they are overwhelm seems outrageous to me. Unfortunately, when it comes to compliant false confession, the person be...

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...ctims of crimes like rape and sexual abuse. As a matter of fact, women and men are also vulnerable to the same crime as well. I believe, however, the seriousness of reporting a crime to what extent is not viewed the same way in the eyes of the law as if the harm is directed to anyone who is unable to defend themselves. The only pitfall to the exception I could think of is when it comes to handling a rape or sexual abuse case, for a statement may be ignored and a change may get dropped only because hearsay is not admissible and because of that, the prosecution may not have sufficient evidence needed for prosecution. In this case, the notion of consenting to a sexual act and abuse may be taken to consideration, for the idea of proving consent is a difficult thing to do and may not bring the justice the victim may deserve or want (“Sexual Assault Defenses,” 2016).

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