Essay on Confederate Lieutenant General James Longstreet

Essay on Confederate Lieutenant General James Longstreet

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As countries prosper, the numbers of problems and the intensity of them also increase, the issue is just unavoidable. As America continued to grow rapidly throughout the the 19th century, certain issues became very disputed in different parts of America and thus came the great (American) Civil War. The Civil War lasted for five years, starting in 1861 and ending in 1865. Three days within this bloody war held the utmost significance: July 1st to July 3rd, the Battle of Gettysburg. The Union won the battle of Gettysburg, after coming back on the second and third day (Shaara, Michael). The loss was often unfairly blamed on one of the Confederate Lieutenant Generals: James Longstreet.
James Longstreet was born a true Southerner in the state of South Carolina on January 8th, 1821 (James Longstreet). Despite being born in South Carolina, most of his early years were either spent in Georgia or Alabama (James Longstreet). Longstreet attended West Point from 1838 to 1842 when he graduated (James Longstreet). He was not the best student; he finished 54th out of his class of 56 but he was very well respected and readily accepted by his peers (James Longstreet). One of his closest friends at West Point was Ulysses S Grant, a future Union Civil War hero and future US President (James Longstreet). When he graduated, he was positioned as a brevet second lieutenant with the 4th US infantry(James Longstreet). Longstreet experienced his first real action in the Mexican War where was also wounded for the first time, from a bullet to the thigh (James Longstreet). Longstreet skied through the ranking system and by 1858 found himself as a Major (James Longstreet).
The Election of 1860 was a Republican victory and Abraham Lincoln was set to take of...

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... 2014.
Rao, Jessika S. "Longstreet, Lee Disagreed on Attack ; Commanders: In a Newspaper Account Long after the War, Lt. Gen. James Longstreet, Who Was the Officer Commanding Pickett's Charge, Describes the Attack as One of `hopelessness' and `sacrifice of My Men'; Longstreet Wrote, `Never Was I so Depressed as upon That Day.'" The Sun (2003): n. pag. ProQuest. Web. 30 Mar. 2014. .
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