Confederate Guerrilla By Joseph M. Bailey

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McKenzie Laughton Arkansas History Confederate Guerrilla In the memoir Confederate Guerrilla, a story of Joseph M. Bailey’s time in the confederate army during the civil war, there are many interesting points that describe what being in the confederate army meant. Joseph speaks of the things he felt, such as the feeling pride as his company 's flag, which was made by his sister, was chosen as the regimental colors along with the greater pride of him becoming a sergeant and named regimental color bearer or the regret of burning houses and killing men. Mostly he speaks in terms of what was going on during key points of his service. There are three key turning points that Joseph Bailey goes through, those points being the Battle at Pea Ridge, his injury, and the collapse of the confederates . The question of how reliable this writing is, also will play a factor into this story. The first key turning point would be the Battle of Pea Ridge. The sounds of shots fired gave him and many others a sense of thrill but before this point in his life his company hasn’t been an active part in any sort of major conflict, leaving Bailey thoroughly embarrassed due to his regiment not participating in the battle of springfield. The Battle of Pea Ridge was really Bailey’s first experience fighting during the war, not the aftermath of it. Until this point the confederate army was doing a decent job during the fighting and getting the Union to retreat. During this battle though, the confederates were forced to retreat due to the killing of the Generals lowing the moral of the soldiers. He saw first hand the undoing of the confederates during that battle, and understood just what the death of General McCulloch meant for their side, the loss of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...part entirely. In his writing Joseph Bailey even uses phrases like “if I recall correctly” or “I can’t quite remember”, which only shows that although he has lived through the war his memory can fail him during his recollection of it. Although in the end the confederate army collapses and the war is lost, Joseph Bailey. Thought out his war experience his three turning points, the Battle of Pea Ridge, his injury and collapse of the confederate army taught him valuable lessons in his life, such as not everything goes the way as expected, too much self-confidence can lead to one 's downfall, and never forget the cruelty or kindness of those you meet because they are what shape you and those around you. Although how historically reliable the retelling is is questionable, “Confederate Guerrilla” is still a decent telling of the confederate side in the American Civil War.

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