Conduction Mechanism of Polymer Electrolyte Essay

Conduction Mechanism of Polymer Electrolyte Essay

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DC Conductivity Study
Figure 1 shows the typical impedance plot (imaginary part,Zi against real part, Zr of complex impedance, Z*) of CMC/CS doped with different NH4Br content at 303K. This impedance analysis is important in conductivity study and becomes a powerful tool in the investigation of ionically conduction behaviour in solid biopolymer electrolyte films. From the plot, it contains two-well defined regions, namely a high frequency region semicircle arc and low frequency region inclination spike. The semicircle represents the bulk effect of electrolyte which due to parallel combination of bulk resistance, R (proton migration) and bulk capacitance, C (immobile polymer chain). The inclination spike denotes the effect between two blocking electrodes which represent the formation of double layer capacitance of polymer electrolyte interface (proton migration at low frequency, f). The value of bulk resistance, Rb can be retrieved from the interception between low-frequency and high-frequency region on Zr-axis, which the value was then used to calculate ionic conductivity of the system.

Figure 1: The Cole-cole plots of the real impedance, Zr against imaginary impedance, -Zi biopolymer electrolyte system for (a) CMC/CS film, (b) CMC/CS-10 wt.% NH4Br, (c) CMC/CS-20 wt.% NH4Br and (d) CMC/CS-30 wt.% NH4Br at 303 K

Based on the plot, the value of Rb decrease with addition of NH4Br content up to 20 wt.%, and start to decrease beyond that concentration. Together with the decreasing in Rb value, the high semicircle arc seems to gradually fade away and completely disappears above 20 wt.% of NH4Br. Based on the previous study, the depressed semicircle and inclines spike (Figure 1a, 1b and 1 d) shows that the ...

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... T for CMC/CS-20 wt.% NH4Br electrolyte film

A yellow-ish transparent of CMC/CS-NH4Br electrolyte films were successfully prepared using solution casting technique. DC conductivity for the highest conducting electrolyte film is 2.12 x 10-5 Scm-1 at room temperature, and gradually increases with temperature. Dielectric analysis shows that εr increases as increasing in salt content. This behaviour is due to the increase in density of charge which provides more space for ion mobility. The value of εr also found to increase with temperature but tend to decrease with frequency. AC conductivity proved this system is follows the Jonscher power law. The conduction mechanism studies shown the CMC/CS-NH4Br electrolyte film is accompanied by QMT model in which the value of s is independently to temperature and tend to go constantly with increasing in temperature.

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