Conducting Business in the US and Globally Essay

Conducting Business in the US and Globally Essay

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The organization conducting business in the United States and globally that I am familiar with is Apple Inc. I will include an analysis of global economic interdependence and effects of international technology industry practices and agreements. The importance of demographics, physical infrastructure, social responsibility and ethics versus legal obligations of the organizations will be aspects I examine. I will include an analysis of cultural differences, effects of political systems and influences of international relationships, along with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1988, influence of local, national, and international legislation. The effects of technology upon international operations for Apple are traits that I will address as well.
Global economic interdependence and effects of trade agreements and practices are always important with any company that wishes to keep expanding, as Apple does. Before companies expand operations globally they must complete reviews of landscapes, industry trends, and if the expansion will be beneficial. A company must also confirm or deny the marketing position, time considerations, and make a marketing plan. After the company comes to a decision the marketing strategy must remain under the influences of the political, economic, and cultural environment.
Diversity of cultures, societies, and politics are aspects of neighbors the world over. A company needs to market specific products depending upon the customer base. As it has been, the American economy is woven very finely with that of other nations. This makes the United States and other countries interdependent upon each other. Trading, investing, and other business activities have also been dependent upon government officials. As...

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