Condoms and the Illusion of Safe Sex Essay

Condoms and the Illusion of Safe Sex Essay

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History repeats itself. Even today different issues arise that are quite similar if one takes the time to notice. Early in the twentieth century, smoking cigarettes became popular in America (“The #1 Preventable” 1). The average person had little awareness of the negative health effects of smoking other than perhaps throat irritation and coughing. In the 1920s, companies began claiming their brand of cigarettes was physician tested and approved (“Cigarettes were once” 2). With this in mind, the general public believed that smoking was not harmful at all. It was not until 1957 that a link was established between lung cancer and smoking (“1957: Smoking 'causes” 1). More negative effects would be discovered later. Despite this, the consumption of cigarettes in the United States continued to increase. People believed that smoking was not harmful, as long as they were careful. Many people would later pay the price for the illusion they bought into. In the same way, people today assume that, as long as they are careful and use a condom, sexual intercourse is safe – so safe that in many places condoms are offered for free to students. It is undeniable that people will pay for it. Condoms should not be handed out in high schools because this action helps create the illusion that condoms make sexual intercourse safe.
When students are offered free condoms and told that it will protect them, they are encouraged to engage in sexual activity. Though it is true they may be protected somewhat, they
may not continue to utilize this protection. In Tom Utley’s article Handing out condoms will encourage teenage sex he wrote,
If the Government were to dish out free cricket pads at every school in the country, would that make chil...

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