Essay on Condom : A Solid Foundation Of Community For Homosexuals

Essay on Condom : A Solid Foundation Of Community For Homosexuals

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Before the AIDS epidemic emerged in the 1980s, there was hardly a solid foundation of community for homosexuals. Class segregation, racial issues, and even gender roles displayed amongst homosexuals made unity amongst them impossible. The condom industry initiated homosexual communities to form with the rise of the AIDS epidemic, which in turn began the formation of the LGBT community. Eventually, the technology of the decades became common use for everyone, and information spread easily. This initiated exposure, and in turn advocacy, for the LGBT community, which ultimately resulted in the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015.
Male homosexuals had little interest in condoms before AIDS was discovered in gay males. The condom industry marketed towards heterosexual couples, as condoms were seen as a birth control method at the time, not a safe sex method. Male homosexuals had no need for condoms, because they could not get each other pregnant. When AIDS was issued as an epidemic, many factors of homosexual life changed, one being the condom industry. Condom companies began to market condoms as a safe sex option, though the initiative was slow to form. They advertised and advocated in bathhouses, where gay men would frequently congregate to have sex with one-another.
This became a base for education for AIDS and condom use, as information on homosexual lifestyles and issues were not easily found anywhere else. It also created a movement to keep bathhouses active, as AIDS prevention groups would rather have gay men congregate where they can be educated and given prevention techniques, instead of endangering themselves in the privacy of one 's home. This also spread to homosexual bars and clubs, where the bartenders were train...

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...lization of same-sex marriage in the United States came to full form.
Though marriage was legalized in 2015, there were still many prevalent issues within the gay community. AIDS, though the number of infected individuals was below 1 million a year, was still prevalent and considered an epidemic in the United States. Racism within the gay community still existed, which resulted in less accessibility and freedom for people who were not white. And though same-sex marriage was legalized, there were many other social issues that were much more pressing for the gay community than the need to get married; such as homelessness rates, and suicide amongst young people within the gay community. The 1980s to 2015 was a step in progress for the gay community, but there were many other issues that needed to be thought about and tackled before progress could actually be claimed.

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