Concussions Can Affect The Developing Process Of A Child Essays

Concussions Can Affect The Developing Process Of A Child Essays

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A concussion is a type of injury to the brain that can affect the developing process of a child. Concussions are very common in young children, especially those who are physically active in sports. Dr. Eric Coris, the head medical team physician for USF athletics and a member of the university 's new concussion center, stated in “Head Injuries Still Hard to Track” that “About 300,000 kids, and one in every four athletes 18 or younger, suffer some form of concussion” (qtd. in Encina). This is an outstanding number, one of which is terribly alarming. The likelihood of a child getting a concussion is tremendously high. As stated in “The Lystedt Law: A Concussion Survivor’s Journey “ in hopes of decreasing the number of concussions “... the state of Washington passed a new bill called the Lystedt Law, which protects young athletes from the life threatening or potentially lifelong consequences that returning to the game too soon can cause.” Concussions can be life-threatening; if one is suspected, the Zackery Lystedt Law-- educates coaches and families removes athletes from play, and properly returns them to the game--in order to insure player safety.
The Lystedt Law was named after a young man named Zackery Lystedt. Discussed in “The Lystedt Law: A Concussion Survivor’s Journey” at the age of 13 years old, Zackery suffered from a concussion in his middle school football game. After Zackery’s head hit the ground, he lied there for quite some time before getting up. He was taken out of the game, yet got back in during the 3rd quarter. This decision led to his life-changing injury. Zackery collapsed later in the game, causing him to be airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. This young man faced many strokes, three months in a coma, and...

... middle of paper ... life threatening, and can cause another concussion to form more easily. To help prevent this from happening “Forty states and Washington, DC, have youth sports TBI laws that require a young athlete to be cleared by a third party before returning to play” (Encina). To return to the game, the athlete must first be examined by a medical professional to insure that they are truly ready to play. Once the professional determined they are fully recovered, a signature of proof is required to give to the coach to allow the player to begin practicing again. Nevertheless, it’s never safe for an athlete to push himself too hard right after an injury, especially one to the head, this can cause further injuries to the brain. Therefore starting off with light running and gradually increasing up to full contact is the correct way to begin playing after being released by a doctor.

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