Concussions And The Right Part Of His Football Team Essay

Concussions And The Right Part Of His Football Team Essay

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Preston Plevretes was nominated MVP of his football team, he dreamed of playing for the NFL. After a helmet to helmet collision he was diagnosed with a concussion. Preston sat out for one game and then returned to football the next day, even though he still portrayed some symptoms. He played two games, injury free but the next game he didn’t have the same luck. On a punt return he went down and was injured once again. After going to the hospital, they found that he had a massive blood clot in his head. Doctors found that Preston had second impact syndrome, caused because his first concussion wasn’t healed and he proceed to get hurt again. Preston had to have surgery which removed the right part of his skull. He was unable to complete daily living tasks including walking and talking. When Preston started to have seizures, he had to undergo surgery once again, where his frontal lobe was disconnected. Once again, he had to go through therapy to try and progress his daily living tasks. After the athletic trained was sued, he admitted that he didn’t evaluate Preston’s mental status. Now a days, Preston is an advocate for concussion awareness. One of the most important aspects that Preston points out is that sitting out could be either a season or forever, in his case it is forever.
Preston’s story is very sad because concussions can be prevented. The heads up tackle system is working to promote the five fundamental basics of all tackles in order to make the game safer for the athletes. These fundamental basics consist of breakdown position, buzzing the feet, hit position, the shoot, and the rip. These basics encourage players to keep their head up when making a tackle, along with promoting safer play among athletes.
The NC...

... middle of paper ... safe for the athlete to return to physical activity. Using the HIPAA protected database, ImPACT provides neurocognitive information that can indicate that an athlete needs to seek further medical attention.
Overall, there are so many resources out there that can provide anyone information when it comes to concussions. No matter what resource it is, they all emphasize how dangerous concussions can be. They also focus on the education of concussions and recognize that proper evaluation, removal from play, and diagnosis are all essential. It is important to know that concussions can lead to further brain damage, which will affect the athlete for the rest of their life. This was seen in Preston who now fights the challenges of daily living. As a future health care professional I know how important it is to prevent and manage concussions no matter who the patient is.

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