Concussions And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

Concussions And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

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A concussion is defined as a “mild traumatic brain injury that may cause physical, cognitive, affective and sleep dysfunction” (Yorke). It is usually caused by a direct blow to the head, face, or neck. Ordinarily, when the brain slams against the inside of the skull it will not make one lose consciousness. The person also does not show certain signs of a concussion, making it difficult to find out whether they have a concussion or not. Many players sustained a concussion in practices, preseason games, and/or regular season games in 2015. These numbers grew thirty percent from 2014. The head injuries that occurred during the regular season by themselves went up sixty percent, from 115 to 182 (Breslow). These injuries can lead to serious brain problems and affect their everyday lives. Having a concussion is dangerous and can affect one in many ways, which is why making a decision to be looked at or to not be looked at can be very critical.
The reasons that concussions can be so threatening include losing consciousness, becoming dizzy, receiving headaches (McAteer). Some players active in sports might have received a big blow to the head but feel fine after. However, this does not always mean that they have a concussion. This is what makes these so frightening because identifying a player that may have a concussion can be difficult. It is terrifying to think someone could have a concussion as well as be out on the field. Especially knowing that one more hit to the head could have a temporary effect on that person 's life or even worse end that person 's life. The short-term effects usually last anywhere from seven days to ten days. When looking for short term effects one usually has headaches, becomes dizzy throughout the day, and so...

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... is not done healing and the concussed player receives another concussion during the time he could make the concussion irreversible. It 's also important to know that kids between the ages of eight and twelve should not be partaking in activities where they could seriously damage their head. If they do that, they could ruin the rest of their lives. Another reason why sports leagues need to do more to help prevent these concussions. Concussions do not just occur in football, in fact, they happen in baseball, hockey, at work, and sometimes just one wrong jolt to the head could make the brain hit the skull and damage it just enough to get a concussion. To prevent these concussions in our daily lives, all it will take is a little bit of research and some new and improved equipment. But for now, it’s all about making the right choice with the one who is concussed.

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