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5. Conclusions and Discussion
Our survey results indicate that the good pace of AMT adoption in India continues with slight increase in pace in a comparable way. The grand average of adoption for all the 25 technology in 2010 is 2.125 (1-not implemented, 2-implementation in progress, 3-fully implemented) which was 2.002 in 2001. With respect to future plans for adoption the average for all technologies is 1.954 currently which was 1.867 (1-no plans, 2-considering plans, 3-have plans) in 2001. Similarly, the 2010 and 2001 values respectively for plans requiring investment are 0.505 and 0.620 (0-no, 1-yes).
The results presented in this paper suggest that Level I technologies were implemented at the highest rate in 2001. However, the tendency of companies to retain Level I technologies decreased, especially in small companies. Even though, Level III technologies are not as widespread as Level II and I technologies, there is a budding tendency for wide implementation in Indian companies.
Here we discuss some important directions of future AMT research on/in India. A larger sample size will certainly be needed that will enhance reliability of our findings; to overcome the data gathering difficulty in India in this very competitive environment we are currently seeking a cooperation of Indian manufacturing associations to obtain larger samples in the future. Moreover, advanced statistical techniques can also be used to discover in-depth patterns of relations among variables surveyed here.

Financial support of CIBER, University of Connecticut, made this initial data collection from various companies in India possible. We thank them for their kind help.

Appendix A.

Tukey's Test

Tukey’s multiple co...

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