Conclusion And Future Scope Of Cluster Formation And Cluster Head Selection Algorithm

Conclusion And Future Scope Of Cluster Formation And Cluster Head Selection Algorithm

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The Lowest ID , Highest Degree and LEACH are all Cluster formation and Cluster head selection algorithm. But each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lowest ID is prone to power drainage due to serving as Cluster Head for long time. And selection based on only lowest ID. No other criteria for selection of Cluster Head. Highest Degree Cluster head select on the basis of more numbers of node surrounded by that node. But when node increases in the network, load of that node also increases. It will increases network overheads. In LEACH, Head selection criteria depend on the no of rounds and at a time only two nods will be active others are sleep. But this is time consuming because it will take long time to broadcast data as only two nodes alive so the packet delivery ratio to the destination node will be low
This work proposed new scheme for creating Cluster and selecting CH by comparing LID, HD, LEACH. The Algorithm defined some parameter to declare node as malicious or intruder. Most of existing intrusion detection system detects the intrusion in variety of way but there are many problems sticking to those techniques with security & transmission of messages between the nodes. In this system we tried to resolve the problem of energy consumption. We also worked on issue of minimizing the delay rate, error control rate and increase packet delivery ratio. As we proposed ADF algorithm, it will be a great future work in considering designing cluster, CH & also this system is very much useful for detecting intrusion in ad-hoc wireless network in future.

The work could be further exploited for more effective intrusion detection system for ad hoc wireless...

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...icate with each other through this static node. We assumed each node moves inside network independently. The routing protocol for that we used SADV. The interface queue is drop tail & pre queue, also the antenna type is Omni is used. Also maximum packets in the queue are 200.

These are the different parameters we are used in the simulation and with the help of that we make this simulation. Our simulation parameters & setting will be shown in the following table. The table shows the parameter that was we used in simulation.

Parameter value
Channel type Wireless channel
Radio propogation model Two Ray Ground
Antina type Two ray antena
No of nodes 25
Interface queue type Droptail /pre queue
Max packet in queue 200
Network interface type Wireless
MAC type MAC 802.11
Routing protocal SADV
Link layer type LL

Table 9.3: Simulation Parameters Table

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