Essay on Concience of Guilt vs a Guilty Concience

Essay on Concience of Guilt vs a Guilty Concience

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Conscious of Guilt VS A Guilty Conscience
Conscious and Conscience are two words that may sound the same and be familiar in definition but have two totally separate meanings. The differences are shown in definition and criminal example.
Webster Dictionary defines Conscious as “Possessing knowledge, whether by internal conscious experience, or by external observation; cognizant; aware; sensible.” Webster Dictionary quotes -Milton as saying “Satan had no answer, but stood struck with guilt of his own sin.” Was this a conscious guilt or a guilty conscience? Conscience is defined by Webster Dictionary as “The faculty, power or inward principle which decides as to the character of one’s own actions, purposes, and affections, warning against and condemning that which is wrong, and approving and promoting to that which is right, the moral faculty passing judgments on one’s self; the moral sense.”
Crimes of society, legality and or morality are committed by people every day. In most cases, unless one has a mental illness, these crimes are committed while the perpetrator knowingly does such acts; aware of their thoughts, surroundings and actions. Since the beginning of mankind such crimes have been committed and some of which are viewed as minor, while others have went down in history as heinous, misunderstood, and legendary. One example is Charles Manson; almost everyone can tell you they have heard of him and have a degree of knowledge of the crimes he was charged with, although these events took place in the late 1960’s. The crime was horrific and left the general population in disbelief that anyone could act out or participate in such cruelty. Conscious of the crimes he was charged with, Charles Manson is quoted as saying; “Maybe I s...

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...n I was raised;
Rules I did not fear.
Guidelines went un-appraised,
I just laugh and jeer…
My parents tried.
Habitual rebellious acts,
Family morals broken,
The young mind just reacts,
Without a thought of token…
My parents tried.’

‘“Life Infringed”
The door stands ajar for evil to enter.
In my hand, holds the keys of choice.
So I build a perimeter and lock the door.
Becoming deaf to the shrewd incubus voice.
Inside of the walls fear is dead.
Abused prosperity is allowed to abound.
But drafts of reality tend to trespass.
Pulled by gravity of life, I’m left naked and found.’

Given these examples, of conscious guilt with seemingly no guilty conscience and the example of conscious guilt with a guilty conscience, one can see that although the two words are very similar in sound and definition, there are very separate of the two.

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