Conchservation: Preserving Our Bahamian Delicacy Essay

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“Conch salads, conch fritters, oh so many good things to eat. Taste the delicious conch chowder and the ‘mouth-watering’ cracked conch, mmm… now these some good Bahamian treats.” (Curry, 2009)
They come in by boat, they come in by plane, they come in on wheelchairs, and some even walking in with canes. Millions of tourists from around the world, most especially Europe, The United States, and Canada find it fit to experience for themselves one of the world’s most exquisite arrangements of islands: The Bahamas. They travel here to get a firsthand look at our way of life: our culture, our striking man-made attractions and our extraordinary natural wonders most especially our tranquil, soothing, turquoise waters. According to the documentary ‘Free Swim’, interviewers discuss the issue of The Bahamas not being able to produce the same amount or more of the conch species today in society as in times past. The film further analyzes how conch plays an important role in our number one industry in The Bahamas: tourism. Therefore, if there is a decline in our conch population, what attraction is left for our tourists to sightsee when they go snorkeling in our waters? What are we going to do if our tourism industry is declining also? To elaborate more into the topic, many reasons are discussed as to why there is a decrease in our conch population and what can we do to preserve it. The Bahamas is currently at its “wits-end” as we have witnessed the queen conch being listed as an attraction that is on the road to extinction. This dilemma is caused by the numerous amount of poachers and some Bahamians who overfish in our waters; harvesting a large number of immature conch. When persons continuously harvest too much of our conch, it decreases t...

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...ith professionals and the Bahamian public about what may be the best practices to ensure that The Bahamas and tourists continue to enjoy our conchy treats and the income they generate.
Hence, as a nation, we need to enhance our current law enforcement laws pertaining to our endangered species. As a major marine export in the Bahamas, conch bring millions of dollars to the Bahamian economy annually, therefore we should re-evaluate the total amount of conch that we export from The Bahamas. We cannot afford to lose our Bahamian delicacy. As the King of Rake ‘n’ Scrapesays, “We is a conchy nation, we need to pass conchservation, can’t afford to eat them all, especially when they too small. Yes we love our conch indeed, but we gat to let them breed. Cause we is a conch nation we need to pass conchservation.”(Bodie, 2013) Conservation: Let’s preserve our Bahamian Delicacy.

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