Essay on Concert At The Laidlaw Recital Hall

Essay on Concert At The Laidlaw Recital Hall

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On Thursday, September 17th at 7:30pm, I attended Daniel G. Driskell’s Alumni Piano
Recital called “Around the World in 88 Keys” at the Laidlaw Recital Hall. The concert contained seven different pieces of music. The first piece of music performed was called “Sonata in A Major.” This piece is an Italian piece that was composed by Domenico Scarlatti. The piece required Driskell to do a lot of hand crossing. The piece was upbeat, happy, and dark. Driskell explained the piece as being happy and dark because it would go from major to minor. The dynamics of the piece were forte and the melody had a wave-like contour to it. This piece seemed rather long and it had repetition. The range in this piece of music was wide and the texture was polyphonic. This was a good piece to start off the recital.
The second piece of music performed was called “Scherzo No. 2.” It is a Polish piece composed by Frederic Chopin. This piece was a serious and dramatic piece that seemed to be bipolar because it would go from soft to loud. There were many dynamic changes throughout the piece. The piece was played in triple meter and it had repetition. The third piece of music performed was called Seguidillas. It is a Spanish piece composed by Issac Albenz. The piece was played in three-fourth time and the song was shorter than the other pieces. Driskell explained that the piece would be counterpoint, meaning that there are two melodies at the same time. The range of the piece was narrow and the contour was static. He explained that there would be a guitar like sound in the piece that is called strumming. He also said that the piece has a romantic melody. The piece started off fast and then it started to slow down towards the end. I enjoyed this piece because it...

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...angled Banner in the piece. This piece was a little more entertaining because I could recognize these pieces of music.
In conclusion, I would say that I enjoyed hearing Daniel G. Driskell play. This was my very first time attending a piano recital and I feel that I recognized a lot of what was discussed in class. What I enjoyed the most about attending this recital is that Driskell would keep the audience’s attention with his jokes. He made the recital fun and informative. I liked that he would give background information on the composers and on each of the pieces before he would play them. My favorite piece of the night was La Union. I like that piece because it was upbeat and I recognized two pieces of music that had been incorporate into the piece. I would recommend to my peers that they go and see him whenever he has another piano recital he did a great job.

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