Concerning Internet Censorship

Concerning Internet Censorship

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The internet can be a very disturbing thing for many people. There are a lot of things on the internet that kids should not be able to view. But for some reasons kids are able to view these things. I believe that the government should step in and help with the censorship of the internet. People are but should not be able to view anything on the internet if they are under the recommended viewing age.
Some people believe that viewing things on the internet is okay for people of any age. In my case I believe that people should not have as much freedom as they do when it comes to viewing the things they do on the internet. People should not be able to view things freely and as often as they would like to. Many people would say that people have too much freedom to search whatever they would like on the internet. I also believe this, there are many things that should not be able to be view by young children. Many people are viewing things on the internet that they should not be. There are no written rules against that people should be viewing on the internet. But some people do not care and view the things anyway.
Censorship of the internet is a very important topic. There is quite a bit of things shown on the internet that man people think little kids and premature adults should not be able to view. Many people view things every day that they should not be aloud to in my others people eyes. This is becoming a growing topic in teens life’s today. Things such as pornography and violent attracts on people such as murder and many other things are viewed every day as a threat to society. People are very much outraged and very concerned.
Internet not be censored because people have the right to judge what is right and wrong to look at, red, or watch. Because of this many people feel that is the person or the person parents responsibility to censor what they are watching on the internet tv or what ever it may be. Censoring the internet will just lead to many downfalls for people in the future. It is not a good idea because the people who are making the cites that people are visiting would lose much money and become corrupt.

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This would put their business in much japery or fluking out or maybe even put them in a finical breakdown. Thus leading to man people being angry, it would also lead to people losing their jobs. If people take pride in what they do then so let them do what they do. Do not put someone’s job and future in jeopardy just simply because you are trying to censor the internet and make things illegal. People should be able to Judge Weather they are watching or view things they should or shouldn’t be. Many people say that it is the persons freedom of speech. Which is covered in the first amendment and this is part of that. People can judge weather or not they are viewing something that is offensive or disturbing to them, and if it is they should be able to turn it off and not watch it. In the end it all comes down to judgment and some people have better use there knowledge of judgment better than others do when it all comes down to it in the end.

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