The Concern Of Substance Abuse Among Adolescents Essay

The Concern Of Substance Abuse Among Adolescents Essay

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As current and future social worker it is imperative that we have the competency to identify and utilize assessment tools that is most appropriate for the clients we serve. An effective assessment in social work practice is an inclusive process that is ecological; scientific and artistic; sensitive to client/system diversity; and an ongoing source of feedback (Derezotes, 2000). Assessment serves as element in the problem solving process, so it essential that one is able to utilize it effectively. The purpose of this paper is for social work students to identify assessment tools that correspond with the student particular interest or concern within the community. The assessment tool that will be discussed in this paper will relate to the concern of substance abuse among adolescents.
Assessment Tool and Intervention
Youth transitioning into adulthood have some of the highest rates of alcohol and substance abuse (“Children, Youth,” 2015). An estimated of 1.3 million United State adolescents aged 12 to 17 had a substance use disorder in 2014 (“Children, Youth,” 2015). The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2011) created a screening tool for identifying youth at risk for alcohol-related problems (Johnston, O’Malley, Bachman & Schulenberg, 2011). The screening tool assists clinicians in determining the frequency and intensity of interventions for clients. The screening tool begins by asking clients specific questions in regards to the client drinking history (Johnston et al., 2011). Based on the clients answer to these questions determines the route of intervention. If clients have a history of not drinking their intervention will be simple and take place at that time. An example of those clients’ interv...

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... risk for alcohol related problems (Johnston et al., 2011). The ADAD assessment tool provides another avenue in addressing substance abuse among youth by not just focusing on the substance abuse by also other problematic areas in the youth life that may contribute to the youth’s substance abuse (Smith & Hurst, 2002). In addition, both assessment tools lead to effective treatment of adolescents suffering from substance abuse. Both tools determine the frequency and intensity of the interventions for their clients. Finally, both assessment tools provided sufficient information that gave providers a solid foundation for utilizing the assessment tool effectively. Overall speaking, ADAD and National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism screening tool correlates with the issue of substance abuse among youth by identifying the problem and providing effective treatment.

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