The Concepts Of Vision, Organizational Growth, And Employee Empowerment Essay example

The Concepts Of Vision, Organizational Growth, And Employee Empowerment Essay example

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Every organization goes through crisis at some point in time, and it is imperative for the leadership of that organization to handle the crisis effectively. In times of crisis, people need leaders more than ever. The leader’s expectations and actions can help the company recover, hurt the company, or even lead to its failure (Chadderdon, 2001). That is why it is important for leaders and organizations to plan on what to do before they are ever in the crisis situation. Planning before the crisis, actions during the crisis, and what to do post crisis are all equally important. Therefore, the three most important concepts learned throughout this assignment are related to crisis leadership. This paper will focus on the concepts of vision, organizational growth, and employee empowerment when leading before, during, and after a crisis. A leader in any business must be able to effectively lead his employees by ensuring the team is on board with the vision. Additionally, leaders must ensure there is organizational growth. Lastly, one must be able to empower their team just as Jesus had empowered the seventy-two and send them out to do works in His name, according to Luke 10.
“Leadership during a crisis is not an accident. Leadership during crisis is a result of preparation” (Dees, n.d.). Because every leader and organization understands that a crisis will ultimately occur at some point, it only makes sense for the leader to make a plan of action before the crisis ever hits. Leaders in an organization can do this through a specific vision. As Dees (2013) stated, “vision is a clear focus upon a future end state that propels self and others forward with expectation and perseverance” (p. 160). How well a leader articulates a simple,...

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...king and do not be silent.” This verse indicates that when a leader finds themselves in a crisis situation, to continue with positive actions that have meaning rather than to do nothing at all. All leaders experience some level of fear in making the wrong decisions and so they must evaluate all direct and indirect consequences to improve the likelihood of success – but most importantly, to keep faith in God.
And lastly, in John 16:33 (ESV) it states “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Individuals will experience tribulations throughout their lives, so leaders are not exempt from them either. John 16:33 lets us all know that no matter what happens, those who have and keep faith with God will overcome these tribulations, just a Jesus did for us all.

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