The Concepts Of Job Enrichment Essay

The Concepts Of Job Enrichment Essay

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Job enrichment is the process of motivating individuals so that they realize more satisfaction in their work (Kokemuller, 2015). Employees from time to time need and require this so that they do not become complacent in their roles. The following essay will discuss the concepts of job enrichment and how it could be utilized in a previous work role, as well as, how it could produce a higher level of commitment for the employee’s.
Jobs are designed to note how tasks will be completed so that the firms, as well as, the employee’s requirements are obtained (Spector, 2013, p. 88). In other words, it denotes what tasks needs to be done, how the tasks are completed, and what is the appropriate sequence. In college, I worked on a packaging conveyer belt as a handler. The job was to offload the packages as they were coming down a sorter belt and place them into a tub cart, as compactly as possible. As the cart reached capacity, you would be required to summon the cart handler so that another cart could be brought over, hence the process repeated. Once the cart was completed it would be driven to either the truck loading dock or to the aircraft loading area. Once there, the carts were loaded and secured in each method of transportation, tagged and locked, and then signed off on after the main door of the aircraft or truck was closed. Each stage of the process, as one can probably gather, was very repetitious and mundane. In fact, year over year, employee satisfaction scores were low due to this bland working environment.
There are several key elements that the organization could have implemented in order to enhance the workers’ jobs and build commitment within the employee. These 5 elements include skill variety, task identity, task sign...

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...y will continue to express interest in and committed to a job or role and to employ tireless effort in attaining a goal (Kvakhadze, 2014).
In conclusion, this essay describe how a former employer could have used the 5 job enrichment dimensions which include skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback, to drive motivation and commitment with its employees. This could have been achieved by training the employees to take on a new skill set, develop 2 distinct work team so that they can witness a tangible outcome, communicate clearly how the effectiveness of the team allowed the organization to realize its goals, and by letting the employees have the freedom and choice of when and how things are going to be completed and assigned. In the end, it is through and with people an organization grows, hence, I surmise this follows that direct path.

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