Concepts Of Human Development : Adolescence And Emerging Adolescence Essay

Concepts Of Human Development : Adolescence And Emerging Adolescence Essay

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Two major development periods are during human development are adolescence and emerging adolescence. Well, what is adolescence and emerging adolescence? Adolescence can be defined as a period of discovery before emerging adulthood, and emerging adulthood is ages 18 to 25.
In this paper, I will be discussing 12 concepts of human development such as; puberty, fantasy, better thinking, motivation, closeness within the family, parental monitoring, pre-marital sex, sexual disease, moral reasoning, midlife evaluation, diversity, and self-esteem.
I was like hip-hip- hurray! I heard that once my menstruation started it would cause my body to change, and I was willing to find out what changes it would bring about. More so, I wanted to know when would my breast begin to develop, and how fast. I was also impatient and excited for the day when my menstruation would begin; however, when it begun I was no longer excited. I was more terrified, maybe, because of the pain that accompanied it when it had started. My only regret was hairs. I wish I never have to have hairs, except for the hairs on my head. I had so much hairs that one would think that I was abnormal. Today, I embrace my result from puberty as it is why I am who I am this day.
I remember as I child I wanted to be a singer/musician. My mom sent me to piano lessons; bought me a guitar; my aunt gave me a piano; I sang on the church choir, and I was very interactive at church. As a matter of fact, my younger brother and I would have singing competitions all the time. I was thinking I am going to be popular, famous, and most of all be a singer. Now, looking back I think I was losing my mind because I do not know what possessed me to think that I was a rising singer; howe...

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...elationship, or abilities. This usually happens when one compares his or herself with others. As for me self-esteem was never a problem for me. Yes, when I was a child I would compare myself with others, but that is what most kids do at a tender age. As an adult, I understand that I am unique in my own way. I also know that my self-worth begins with me. I believe also that self-esteem can determine one success, productivity, and view of life. Further, I think my balance comes from my family, and the positivity of people who surrounds me.
My conclusion
I have gained a tremendous amount of insight about human development and its attributions in my life. Understanding the concepts of human development enables me to be more open-minded, and more appreciative of the different people no matter their age. It has truly broaden my horizon of the beauty of human development.

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