Essay about The Concepts Of Healthcare Professionals

Essay about The Concepts Of Healthcare Professionals

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Many cultures, including South Asians, consider death to be a taboo. As such, individuals do not take advantage of options such as advance directives, partly due to the precedence placed on filial piety amongst this culture. Elders are heavily dependent on their kin to become proxy decision makers at their end of life, especially since the concept of dying with dignity is strongly upheld. When cultural beliefs and values are disregarded by mainstream medicine, the distance between patients and practitioners deepens, where conflicts of interest emerge because of the misaligned values of both parties. Cultural competence and development of culturally sensitive measures to implement into end of life care practices is a crucial step in broadening the use of end of life care options, such as advance directives, by minority populations. Werth, Blevins, Toussaint, & Durham (2002) suggest that practitioners pay close attention to the way in which families undergo the decision-making process at the end of life. There are four concepts that healthcare professionals can implement as part of their practice to endorse more culturally sensitive care plans that include genuinely hearing the patient and family’s expectations, explaining the Western perspective on end of life care, negotiating aspects of care plans that both parties agree upon, and offering the option to withdrawal former decisions (Werth et al., 2002).
Practitioners need to be provided with the tools necessary for providing more culturally comprehensive care, especially with the expanding ethnic diversity. Preliminary steps would need to be implemented in the educational setting in order to extinguish the culturally hegemonic values and beliefs they may hold prior to entering th...

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...anced care planning in this community – where advance directive use increases from the current 9%? As a significant proportion of the Canadian population, the South Asian minority group has the ability to promote the use of advance directives amongst their communities, so long as the tools are in place to do so. Health care policies and practices need to take into consideration the values that are deemed important by the South Asian cultures. From the strength of filial ties and responsibilities to the various religious practices and beliefs that dictate current end of life decision making, policies need to be implemented to encourage better understanding of cultural differences and ways to provide culturally competent care and work towards promoting better relationships between this understudied minority group and the dominant Western medical system they rely upon.

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