The Concepts Behind A Health Plan Essay

The Concepts Behind A Health Plan Essay

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The concepts behind a health plan are to be able to produce a holistic approach, in being able to reduce the incidence of disease within an animal unit by maintaining and controlling any potential diseases. They allow benchmarking to be set, where you can make comparisons between like-for-like farms and between the top 10%, nationally. Management changes and continual monitoring for future production can then be undertaken. Health plans are implemented on farms to be able to maintain and increase productivity within units and more importantly to prevent the entry of disease entering the unit and spreading; this can potentially cause business instability to the farm as populations become unstable. Health plans, such as that at Cedars, also take into account the concept of the Five Freedoms, which have become a legislation in the UK governments ‘Codes and Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock’ (Farm Animal Welfare Council, 2009). These freedoms include:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
2. Expression of natural behaviour
3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease
4. Freedom from fear and disease
5. Freedom from thermal and physical discomfort

One of the key strengths of Cedars health plan is that it is clear they are dealing with the most important issues, before tackling the less damaging effects. By prioritising efforts that need to be made within the facility, this helps to reduce the chances of further infection being contracted in other areas of the facility. It facilitates in focusing treatments and control into areas that could cause further problems, both in terms of animal welfare and for the benefit of the owners; health issues that are economically important are dealt with first. Through further monitoring by vete...

... middle of paper ... process to occur, to persistently increase the welfare of the animals, as well as enhancing their productivity and quality of yields. With a range of stakeholders also involved within the process at Cedars, from the farmers to the input of veterinarians, this allows a broad spectrum of involvement to enhance management schemes, involving consultation with a range of individuals to maximise the efforts of enhancing animal care. The control of disease and monitoring of the unit is clearly specific to Cedars; with the health plan demonstrating practicality and ease of use, this allows clear objectives to be understood and followed through. However, monitoring and reviews of the health plan should be more substantial, as parameters within farm unit are constantly evolving. Many protocols should therefore be reviewed and updated in accordance to these diverging issues.

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