Concepts Are Ideas That Assist Nurses With Understanding Various Circumstances

Concepts Are Ideas That Assist Nurses With Understanding Various Circumstances

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Pain Concept
Concepts are ideas that assist nurses with understanding various circumstances. Concepts also enable nursing researchers, seeking scientific theory, to identify and measure theory components. It is best to have clear concepts in order to avoid misunderstandings. For instance, confusion can hinder an individual’s knowledge when providing patient education. Clear concepts also prevent poor communication that can lead to unintentional non-compliance and delay recovery processes (Stewart, Schofield, Elliott, Torrance, & Leveille, 2014).
Purpose for Studying the Pain Concept
Young, old, male, female, everyone feels degrees of pain for a variety of reasons. Pain is real and it is different for everyone. Pain can hold a magnitude of negative effects for all. Medication and non-medication interventions are approaches that can lessen pain. To understand pain, and how to manage pain, one should explore the true concept of pain.
Why the Pain Concept Is Important to Nursing and Body of Knowledge
The purpose of this paper is to explore the meanings of the concept of pain because pain can refer to an emotional, psychological, or spiritual state; furthermore, pain may result from a physical condition. For instance, physical pain can be acute or chronic, and defining attributes of physical pain include mild or severe, dull or sharp, and in a precise location or referred (Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions, 2006). Understanding this concept, nurses can then initiate interventions that will ease the pain of the many suffering people under their care. According to Glowacki (2015), by providing pain management and education to our patients, they in-turn experience earlier mobility, a decreased risk fo...

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...y and the intention to provide freedom from emotional pain (Hicks & Hinck, 2008). Hicks and Hinck (2008) define self-mutilation as the deliberate act of destroying your flesh with the intention of modifying irresistible feelings of emotional pain to a more tolerable feeling of physical pain. Hicks and Hinck (2008) discuss the defining attributes of emotional pain as “a release of endorphins after the physical damage contributes to a feeling of relief, and an addictive maladaptive coping cycle of pain, relief, shame and self-hate” (p. 409). Hicks and Hinck (2008) explain that some healthcare workers actually ignore self-inflicted wounds, whereas others appear in shock, seem disgusted, or act horrified. The concept of emotional pain provides a clear foundation for nurses in developing interventions when self-inflicted injuries have been noted (Hicks & Hinck, 2008).

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