The Concepts And Ideas Behind Love Essay

The Concepts And Ideas Behind Love Essay

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The concept of love is a very ambiguous, controversial, idea that is nearly impossible to come to a singular consensus on. In this essay I will be describing and comparing two philosophical views on the concepts and ideas behind love. Through the works of Todd May and Plato, different approaches to the concept of love will be illustrated as well as determining the similarities and differences between the two perspectives.

As Todd May focuses on the intensity involved with the idea of romantic love, over the idea of sex and love, he insists that the most intimate relationships were the more intense due to the constant engagement you have with an individual ( ****) - the two of you that the relationship consists of create a private world (May 1). In the views portrayed by May, he articulates that love is the concept of prioritizing your beloved more than you would anyone else (lecture). Love, according to May, cannot be based solely on the qualities of another individual (May 2). If qualities were the one key element behind love, then we would fall in love with everyone in possession of these qualities, the only difference being is that we would be more involve with one person if they possessed more of our desired qualities than we would be with someone that had less (May 2). Additionally, May’s views conform to the idea that love consists in something called the “intimate identification (May 3)”. Intimate Identification comes from revolving your own emotions and care upon your beloved; these emotions are called “person-focused emotions, where ones emotions are impacted by the beloved (May 3).” Person focused emotions according to May, is what it is to love someone, “to identify more intensely with another through person-focuse...

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...ed period, whilst Plato suggests that it is acceptable and part of human nature to “desire to love each other (Plato 27)”, throughout the task of searching for your soulmate.

One similarity of the two ideas proposed by the philosophers are that both May and Plato present universally accepted concepts that are favoured by majority of individuals - both consisting of passion and happiness that is felt when the desired is obtained. Plato’s view states that every human being is born with love inside of them, and that “something wonderful happens when they meet their other half (Plato 28)” - which is still a modern, praised, universal idea in majority of cultures. Just like Plato, May’s interpretation about love and how it is conclusive to the “ideal” couple relationship, one that is full of respect and intense intimacy, is also a universally, praised idea of feeling.

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