Concept Of Work Motivation Theory ( Wmt ) Essays

Concept Of Work Motivation Theory ( Wmt ) Essays

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This paper by Latham & Pinder (2005) in the Annual Review of Psychology is devoted exclusively to the concept of Work Motivation Theory (WMT). It examines and reviews progress in the theory between 1993 and 2003. The last time a chapter in that Journal was devoted exclusively to the theory of WMT, was by Korman, Greenhaus & Badin in (1977) and that paper focussed on what was at the time the current research of the day.
In this paper, the authors use the a framework designed by a definition originally set out in 1998 by Pinder and repeated in his second edition (2008)
“a set of energetic forces that originate both within as well as beyond an individual’s being, to initiate work-related behaviour and to determine its form, direction, intensity and duration.”
This paper aims to show all the elements, sets and subsets as arranged in Figure 1 of work motivation relating to the employee, the workplace and management, which show that motivation is not a unitary phenomenon. People do not only have different amounts, but also different kinds and different reasons for motivation. That is, they vary not only in their level of motivation, but also in the orientation of that motivation (Ryan & Deci, 2000)
The authors’ approach to WMT is viewed here as an overall concept, derived from a number of sets and subsets, each heading has own theory and research and the paper touches on the understanding and interaction of those areas of research and how they affect the individual employee, the workplace and management.
The paper identifies progress made since the 1977 paper on WMT, citing two hundred and seven (207) books and articles to examine WMT research carried out in the decade of 1993 to 2003. From their readings, they focussed the structure...

... middle of paper ...

...nd practitioners saw the limitations of an exclusively cognitive approach (Chiew & Braver, 2014; Pessoa, 2010; Ryan, 2007; Van Kleef, Homan, Beersma, & van Knippenberg, 2010; Weiner, 2014). In the Journal Motivation and Emotion an article by Locke (1991) may be found about Goal Theory v Control Theory, therefore he would have been aware of emotional studies, so it is a conundrum as to why Latham & Pinder’s (2005) research did not include emotion in their study.
In Figure 1, I have tried to remedy that to show how each topic set and subset has its place within and around the theory. Once I conceptualised the diagram, I found the paper insightful and useful for my future studies through the use of extensive citing. It was also full and deep with relevant citing and information that closed any gaps by having a conclusion for each element, set or idea that was addressed.

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