Essay Concept Of Whole Foods Market

Essay Concept Of Whole Foods Market

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hole Foods Market monopolies green foods with minimum processing, without genetically modified foods as well as artificial coloring and preservatives. Whole Foods Market is one of the leading retailers of organic and natural foods in the world. Main appropriate type or resident group and optimal location for Whole Foods Market will be introduced based on concepts of Whole Foods Market, theories of urban business location and concrete commerce conditions of Toronto. Therefore, somewhere with a little distance from affluent downtown neighborhood such as 777 Bay Street is a best place for new Whole Foods Market in Toronto with wealthy, educated middle-class consumers as its main consumers.
I Concepts of Whole Foods Market to appeal to most appropriate type or resident
Whole Foods Market attracts customers with a variety of exquisite goods, highly unique commodity shelves, and a comfortable shopping experience. The high price that consumers pay also contributes to the sustainable development of the society. Some Canadians can run to several shops and compare prices to buy their daily necessities, but people would like to spend more money buying beef and poultry at Whole Foods Market. Almost all urban Canadians are aware that there are hormone-free, antibiotics-free, and in feeding process meats available at Whole Foods Market, since they try and protect "animal welfare". Some middle-class consumers think that eating such meat is much more humane, not considering the more expensive cost. In summary, a sensitive nerve point of the Canadian middle-class people is hit all of a sudden by Whole Foods Market due to its advocate of environmental protection, healthy and green food as well as high quality life. Customers who frequently visit ...

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...for this choice in advance. Considering the role of online sales and mature e-commerce sales and transportation channel of Toronto, middle-class people living in downtown can also enjoy his or her health foods from Whole Foods Market timely.

Ultimately, somewhere with a little distance from the affluent downtown neighbourhood is the best place for new Whole Foods Market in Toronto with wealthy, educated middle-class consumers as its main consumers. Decentralized branches of Whole Foods Market in suburb and downtown can launch targeted products according to local consumer tastes, but decentralized stores lead to the lack of uniformity with less scale effect. Whole Foods Market should think twice before locate its new branch in Toronto and continue to maintain high-end positioning and competitive differentiation as well as using e-commerce method to meet challenges.

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