Concept Of Using Information Security Models Essay

Concept Of Using Information Security Models Essay

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Introduce the concept of using information security models (why are they important).
Two fundamental concepts in computer and information security are the security model, which outlines how security is to be implemented. Basically providing a blueprint and the architecture of a computer system, which fulfills this blueprint. A security model is a statement that outlines the requirements necessary to properly support and implement a certain security policy. A security model provides a deeper explanation of how a computer operating system should be developed to properly support a specific security policy (Whitman, 2014).
Explain that some security architecture models are implemented into computer hardware and software, some are implemented as policies and practices, and some encompass both
Information security is made up of three main attributes: Availability is the prevention of loss of access to resources and data. Integrity is the prevention of unauthorized modification of data, and Confidentiality is the prevention of unauthorized disclosure of data. These attributes branch off into more granular security attributes
such as authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation, and dependability (Whitman, 2014).
A security model incorporates the security policy that should be enforced by the system. A model is a figurative representation of a policy. It maps the desires of the policy makers into a set of rules that are to be followed by a computer system
A security model is usually represented in mathematics and analytical ideas, which are then mapped to system specifications, and then developed by programmers through code. Specifications are then developed to provide a bridge to what this means in a computing environment and how ...

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... of protection between the subject and the object and further restricts the type of actions that can take place on that object, thus protecting the integrity of the object. So the Clark-Wilson model prevents authorized users from making modifications by requiring them to go through programs to modify objects. It also prevents authorized users from making improper modifications by enforcing separation of duties, and maintains an audit log for external transactions (Whitman, 2014).
Conclude with your recommendation of which model would be best to use in your organization
I would recommend the Clark-Wilson for my organization. It would prevent fellow coworker from making changes to my test rack and my integration rack. I feel that it would help my IX2 from disappearing and it would also help with someone making network changes to my test rack and not changing it back.

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