The Concept Of The Electronic Health Record ( Ehr ) Essay

The Concept Of The Electronic Health Record ( Ehr ) Essay

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This paper will discuss the concept of the of Electronic Health Record (EHR). its importance and its role in propagating the wellbeing of patients across the nation. The paper will also focus on the meaningful use of the EHR incentive program initiated by the CMS.
The Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is the new wave of record keeping technology that has drastically changed the way clinicians ' records are kept in all health institution. It has improved efficiency and efficacy of keeping and securing clinical record in physician’s office.
Impressively, there are various EHRs systems in the market and it seems more are in the pipeline for future use in health care institutions across the nation (“Meaningful Use”,n.d.).
The software applications used in EHR systems allow physicians and staff to create patient charts, document patient visits, schedule appointments, electronically prescribe medications, coordinate care among multiple providers, generate bills for services, and much more (“Meaningful Use”,n.d.).
According to Tremblay (2016), the EHR systems can play a critical role in improving patients’ care and patients’ outcomes in the short and long-term. Tremble further emphasized that the EHRs helps remove the guesswork and interpretation from physician handwriting in charts and administrative orders.
In addition, electronic prescribing helps improve the quality of health care for patients by providing prompt access to updated patients’ medication history and alternative formularies to name a few.
Furthermore, the EHR system can be programmed to automatically alert a physician or other health care workers to contraindications to medications, dangerous drug-drug, and drug-allergy combinations to name a few (Tremble 2016).

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... in stage one of the EHR program. This stage, as mentioned before requires that providers demonstrate meaningful use of the EHR by adhering to the objectives set for in stage one by the CMS. Objectives such as computerized providers order entering (CPOE), or the use clinical decision support to improve performance on high-priority health conditions or Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically to name a few (“Stage 2 overview,” 2012)
Once the goal of stage one is attained by the EP, which is usually with the first two years of participation in the program, the EPs can advance to stage two of the EHR incentive program. Stage two requires EPs to retain the core and menu structure for meaningful use objectives, however, the threshold bar for EPs has been raised by CMS. stage three begins after the requirement of stage two has been fulfilled by the

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