Concept of Security in the Context of International Relations Essay

Concept of Security in the Context of International Relations Essay

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The most commonly used definition by scholars is the definition of Barry Buzan in his book People, States, and Fear says that:
"Security, in any objective sense, measures the absence of threat to acquired values, in a wiki sense, the absence of fear that such values will be attacked" (Buzan, 1991:4).
Then from the definitions that have been mentioned by the penstudi HI can be seen that the security threat is the lack of values needed to live a human life.
While the concept of a threat to its own security Ullman defined as:
"An action or sequence of events that (1) Threatens drastically and over A relatively brief span of time to degrade the quality of life for the inhabitants of a state or (2) Threatens Significantly to narrow the range of policy choices available to government of a state, or to private, nongovernmental entities (persons, groups, corporations) within the state "(Ullman, 1983:133).
Meanwhile, according to Simon Dalby, the security dimension in the study of International Relations has experienced a shift from the traditional perspective that is limited to war and peace. Towarda non-traditional perspective that emphasizes human security and contains more aspects. Security is no longer focused on interstate relations, but also on the security of society (Dalby, 2003:102-103).
Peter Hough said that the definition of security is still a 'contested concept', or a concept that will continue to grow (Hough, 2004:15). However Viotti and Kauppi has defined the defense and security as the basis of a country's protection, and safety concept applies to individuals as well as groups (Viotti and Kauppi, 1999:56). While Indonesian dictionary defines security as a situation that is protected from hazards (safety objective), f...

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