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The author topic is related to a multiple of aspect of social science and as mentioned earlier touches cultural dimensions under the Hofstede theory (Hofstede, 1980), the concept of organizational learning more specifically knowledge transfer, and finally the dichotomy in values between the millennials generation and their predecessors in Southern China. In researching related article about the cultural dimensions it is possible to find an appropriate selection that is correlated to the question for this study, the concept of millennials values diversity is much less covered and only a few scholars have explored this subject. For the last element, organizational learning, there is a plethora of researches covering multiple scopes of this subject, it is crucial to be precise in the retention of articles, the precondition demand to be closely connected with the knowledge transfer inside an organization and explicitly between individual in distinctive age groups.

Moore (2005) explored the transformation of the Confucian principle of collectivism inside the “ku” (酷) generation mutating to a more individualist phenomenon. Its methodology is directed into analogous fashion as the study under scrutiny, distributing questionnaire to students in a Chinese university is an identical approach diverging only in dispensing Hofstede’s survey to undergraduates. This is a fundamental metamorphosis with the continuum of China mainstream society. Moore (2005) associated this singularity to the one child policy in place since the eighties and the persistent movement toward urbanization, the self-indulgence attitude is concentrated inside the urban youth and even more when they possess a college level education. This is in contradiction with their p...

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...selves and their immediate family only, versus people belonging to in-groups that look after them in exchange for loyalty” (de Mooij, M and Hofstede, 2010). This will be reviewed during the process of building the methodology in completing the questionnaires and the interviews question.

The author will be developing an extensive literature reviews, the concept and theories involved in the study demand to be clear and specific in which of the articles will serve as the foundation of knowledge and the construction of the hypotheses related to the topic. This is especially critical for the portion correlated to organizational learning and knowledge transfer where the establishment of the directing paradigm will have an influential role of the entire dissertation progress. Selecting appropriately the scholars and their theory is a corner stone for this entire endeavor.

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