Essay The Concept of Legality

Essay The Concept of Legality

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We all have an opinion about what we believe is just and or unjust. The reasons we believe certain ideals to be true may not be as cut and dry as the opinion at hand. Where did these rules and regulations come from and have the acts they regulate always been taboo or criminal in nature? Looking further into your beliefs may bring you closer to understanding your background and the influences that everyone has directly or indirectly instilled into your values. There are new rules and laws written every day. There are also old rules and laws that are still active in nature from many years ago. On the other hand, there are rules and laws that are no longer followed as they were at one time; in an opposing manner, there are new ideals that will potentially birth the new set of rules and laws for which we as a people live and operate tomorrow on a day to day basis. This ever-evolving world of rules and laws are driven by what we as people believe to be true and each generation plays an important role in the adaptation of our active rules and laws. The people’s laws build upon ideals; ideals drive the evolution of people’s moral and ethical values .
Without a doubt, we take traits from our parents even though we may not like to admit it. With this said, it is no surprise that the first step to altering laws and changing “moral misdeeds” from petty low-breath comments to an actual written crime starts with the influence of our parents. We all want to be our own person; we want to make decisions based on a mindset that we have created, something that we can be proud of because of experiences and knowledge gained through trial and error on our part. However, our parents’ ethical and moral beliefs are the foundation to what we ...

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...ional path as well? Just as water will always find water, individuals with similar moral and ethical beliefs will always seek out one another as well.
Life and all the wonderful experiences within it is the ladder in which we progress our simple ideas into laws. From one generation to the next one person can make the difference in starting a new idea that could one day become the new “oh my gosh…” response. Nothing happens over night and bringing new ethical or moral misdeeds to a criminal level is no different. We all affect one another but before that, there are influences of family, friends, education, and all that has happened in the past. Where we are from, who we idolize, and who caught our attention long enough to instill education into our character are all factors that play a key role into when and why ethical or moral misdeeds because criminal law.

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