Essay on The Concept Of Career Development

Essay on The Concept Of Career Development

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Evolving and progressing are naturally expected aspects of life. Part of that is moving ahead with our careers and jobs. Here I am talking about the concept of career development. It is an ongoing process that continues throughout our life, and it takes various forms depending on life stages we are in. Hansen states that the process of is about developmental experiences focusing on our efforts to seek, obtain and use information about self, occupational and educational choices, lifestyles and role options (as cited in PA Career Education & Work Standards, n.d.).Through theories related to career development this life the process, we can have explanations and understanding for people’s behaviors options toward their career (PA Career Education & Work Standards, n.d.).
Krumboltz (as cited in PA Career Education & Work Standards, n.d.) believes that theory is a representation of reality. However, this presentation is not reality itself. Despite that fact, the theory is a way we can think about some part of reality so that we can understand it.
From a general perspective, the Pennsylvania Department of Education highlights the following main theories related to career development that have emerged for the past 75 years:
1. Frank Parson’s Trait Factor which is about matching personal traits to occupations
2. Holland’s work of the Personality types matching work environment Psychological
3. Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory
4. Super’s Developmental Self-Concept Theory
I believe that I truly benefited for the concept of Parson, which is related to the talent matching. His work is considered an important within the realm of career development and counseling
Parson was considered an important contributor with the realm of ca...

... middle of paper ...

...ent in our member countries.
I explored various stages of my career and how I was making decisions regarding opportunities, I would emphasize the importance of using an approach like Parson’s work about skill and talent matching. I consider it as a practical and realistic approach to assessing the match between my talent and job requirements of available opportunities between my hands. It provides me with a useful checklist framework to make the best career decision. Also, it provides the basis to receive advice and counseling from trusted sources.
Finally, I am pleased to share with you here some highlights from career stages and how I benefited from a concept like Parson’s work of talent matching. It is important to understand our personal abilities and skills as wells the requirements of the job. This approach will most likely maximize chances for career success.

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