Concept 4.1 : Cells Provide Compartments For Biochemical Reactions Essay

Concept 4.1 : Cells Provide Compartments For Biochemical Reactions Essay

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Concept 4.1: Cells Provide Compartments for Biochemical Reactions
Cell theory:
Cells are the basis units of life
All living things are made up of cells
All cells come from another cell
Studying cell biology is like the same as studying life b/c of the underlying principles regarding the two.
Life is a continuous process spanning back million/billions of years
Cell size are highly limited because of the surface area to volume ratio. As volume goes up, so does its biological functions but the surface area does not increase as fast. This is because a larger surface area will prohibitive movement of substances going in and out of the cell. Also cells are smaller b/c then it will be easier for substances to reach different parts of the cell.
To examine cells physically, a light microscope or electron microscope can be used. To examine a cell chemically, you can use osmosis to burst open the cell or physically breaking apart the cell.
A cell membrane helps maintain homeostasis by keeping certain substances in/out, helps communicate with other cells and connecting to other nearby cells.
Cells are either prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Prokaryotic lacks a nucleus while a eukaryotic has one.
Concept 4.2: Prokaryotic Cells Do Not have a Nucleus
Prokaryotic cells are the most diverse on earth
Bacteria and Archaea can be distinguished in many ways.
Prokaryotic cells are about 1/50 in size of a eukaryotic cell.
All prokaryotic cells have a membrane, nucleoid(where Dna is located).
The liquidus fluid in the prokaryotic cells are called cytoplasm. The cytoplasm has two things and one of it is called cytosol. Cytosol is mostly water containing random stuff like proteins, other molecules and ions. Within the cytosol are also ribosomes where protein...

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... It is made up of glycoproteins w/ carbs and a separate group of proteins links glycoproteins with collagen.
The role of the ECM is to help combine the cells into tissues, give us the property of skin, regulating traffic between tissues, and finally help the movement of developing cells/repairing cells.
Certain proteins like integrin help connect ECM and the plasma membrane. These proteins connect with the microtubules and collagen and can be easily detached when needed since it 's non covalent bonding.
Cell junctions glue cells together. This is evident through epithelial tissues(basic type of animal tissue) when examined under the electron micrographs.
There are three types of junctions. The tight junctions, desmosomes junctions(materials can still move between), and gap junctions which are like plasmodesmata(movement is easier between cells to share resources).

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