Concept Book Rationale For Learning Expressive Arts Essay

Concept Book Rationale For Learning Expressive Arts Essay

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Concept Book Rationale

This rationale will explore various activities that have been laid out in my concept book and will be described in detail including what children will achieve. It is aimed at year 6. There are different areas within the integrated arts such as Art, Music, and Dance, but only the first three will be focused on. Bloomfield and Childs (2000) state that children’s learning in humanities, sciences, technology, literacy and numeracy is enriched when the integrated or expressive arts are within the primary curriculum as it is an essential role to be demonstrated. When learning expressive arts, the children are taught key skills like drawing, acting or playing an instrument and they are able to do this freely. These types of arts are an encouraging way to learn and it can teach the children to think in a divergent way instead if convergent (Fowler, 1996). Meaning that children are able to discover a range of solutions or ideas as it does not demand one correct answer or response. Instead, children can be creative with their ideas or solutions and there is no right or wrong therefore anything they create is acceptable.

Within the National Curriculum (2013) it states that pupils should be taught to improve their techniques for art and design using skills which include drawing and painting. When it comes to art, the value of it is of great importance as children are taught to adapt and change their ideas in an imaginative and creative way (Barnes, 2002). Therefore, children are able to utilise the skill of imagination and creativity to then further develop it through art activities such as drawing and painting which was the first art activity in the concept book. Drawing helps with the intellectual and emotional...

... middle of paper ... Cremin (2009) implies that using the activity hot seating considers the cause and effect within a story and it also develops empathy. Viewpoints such as critical and alternative are encouraged throughout this activity. The Mantle of the Expert (1980) links to this as well as thought tracking because it allows the child in the hot seat to explore multiple perspectives on the situation. Therefore, the child in the hot seat can decide what the character may be thinking or feeling and why. The children that are not in the hot seat are stimulated to exchange ideas, experiment with alternative perspectives and raise questions to the person in character (Cremin, 2009) ensuring that the questions are open so that the person in the hot seat can give a descriptive answer.

Overall, the expressive arts is considered to be important within the national curriculum

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