The Concept And Act Of Cruelty Essay

The Concept And Act Of Cruelty Essay

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Deeply embedded within Tartuffe, the concept and act of cruelty enhances and flourishes throughout the lives of the developing characters. Cruelty is a concept that is usually associated with negativity and often seen as degrading to one’s mental and/or physical stability. However, it is an illuminative key element of life that divulges the dormant aspect of oneself and guides them to truly see “how far they will go.” In other words, it will bring out the side that not even oneself could have ever imagined, thus raising awareness of one’s primal nature and labelling cruelty as a necessity. Portraying its significant development through the appalling yet essential strifes of the dynamic characters in Tartuffe, Molière reinforces the absolute crucial role and beneficial repercussions of cruelty which prove that one must perceive not only themselves but their surroundings to truly discern the authenticity of every aspect of their very existence.
Such a result from the concept of cruelty is highlighted through Mariane’s and Valère’s acceptation of their perennial love triumphing over paternal orders, indicating the importance of following one’s heart and realizing the true power of human emotions. After Mariane hears of her father’s plans to forcefully wed her to Tartuffe, she experiences an overwhelming sense of misery and heartbreak, for “[she has] bowed so long to Father’s strict control, [that she] couldn’t oppose him now, to save [her] soul” (Molière 53) even when Orgon comes between her and her happiness. As a result, Dorine, Mariane’s maid, senses Mariane’s fear of rebelling against Orgon in order to marry the man she truly loves and questions the validity of Mariane’s affections towards Valère in which Mariane responds with, “...

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...gust. Orgon treats his family like strangers while he treats a stranger like family. The intensity of Orgon’s cruelty presented as a twisted, terrifying aspect of human nature warns of such possibility to others.
Throughout the stressful conflicts of the changing characters of Tartuffe orchestrated by Molière, the impactful effects of the progression of cruelty contributes to and emphasizes its significance and part in the story, enlightening the characters of their newfound aspect of themselves. Cruelty, therefore, is necessary in unveiling and raising the understanding of the truths of the authenticity of emotions, the dangers of how powerful emotions are, and how extreme one can yield to the primal nature. In order to accurately perceive every aspect of oneself, do not completely obscure from cruelty, for it is a necessity that influences how one discerns oneself.

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