Concept Analysis on Self-care: Orem´s Theory on Nursing Essay examples

Concept Analysis on Self-care: Orem´s Theory on Nursing Essay examples

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Concepts are essential elements in theories which provide ideas for research in nursing. Concepts give knowledge that can be applied to nursing practice, education and administration. (Parker & Smith 2010). Concept analysis brings about clarity. The methods of concept analysis have the following steps. Select the concepts, determine the purpose of the anaysis, identify all uses, define attributes, a model case of the concept, consequences of the concept, and define empirical references of the concept (Walker & Avant 1995)
I chose to do a concept analysis on ‘Self-Care.’ The nursing theory that uses this concept is Orem’s theory of nursing. This theory is a grand theory and consists of three minor interrelated theories; self-care, self-care deficit, and nursing systems. (Parker & Smith 2010). Orem defines self-care as when an individual initiates activities and performs to maintain life, health and well-being on their own and self-care deficit as not meeting adequate self-care requisites which include “limitations for knowing, deciding and producing care to self or dependent. (Parker & Smith, 2010)
I would like to explore the concept of self-care to get a better understanding of the concept to enhance self-care promotion in ambulatory surgery patients when they are discharged to home. Self-care is a concept that has many different meanings to different individuals in different situations of care. By analyzing this concept and how it’s used it will better prepare me to enable patients to be more independent in their care at home. Nursing care directed toward returning control of the situation to the patient allows the process of self-care and healing to begin. Orem’s self-care model can promote successful practice wh...

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